3 Reasons to Love Glass Stairways

Mama's Story / Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

It’s not difficult to see why glass stairs, particularly glazed side panels, have actually ended up being so popular in current times. As new-build homes appear to obtain smaller as well as smaller, and also climbing rates require numerous buyers to choose modestly sized buildings, home owners are discovering imaginative means making the best of just what area they have.

Using glass instead of timber or steel in your staircase banisters can bring numerous advantages:


The corridor is usually the darkest component of your home, which isn’t suitable for making a good impression on site visitors. A typical staircase balustrade, containing a hand rails and also base rail linked by wood or metal spindles (likewise called balusters), will add to the gloom by obstructing precious natural light. Making use of glass panels as the banister infill will promptly brighten the room by urging light to stream more openly.


It’s remarkable the means glass could make a space really feel so much bigger. A transparent balustrade offers little or no barrier to the eye, enhancing the feeling of room. This is especially useful for stairs positioned in a living or dining room, as clear panels make the framework appear less noticeable.


Glass is much favoured by indoor developers currently, and also will fit practically any age of building. It can boost the feel and look of a modern house, enhancing its modern credentials and bringing it bang up to this day. At the other end of the age range, glass can use a fascinating twist to a period home. A dark cottage with beamed ceilings and also little windows, for instance, can be illuminated as well as made more attractive by changing solid wood balusters with light-enhancing glass panels.

Which kind of glass should you pick?

Good quality glazed panels need to be made from strengthened shatterproof glass at the very least 8mm, and also preferably 10mm, thick. Huge single panels will certainly create the most influence and also allow maximum light flow. These generally have to be made to gauge, so be prepared to wait a bit longer and also pay a bit greater than for basic dimensions. Installation could be complicated, and also is ideal delegated professionals. Little panels are less snazzy, but extra flexible and also frequently the best choice for awkward formats. They can likewise be combined with wooden or metal pins if preferred.

How is the glass fitted?

Relying on the stairs layout as well as personal preference, you can generally choose whether to repair the panels to the balustrade with metal clamps (either on top as well as lower or at each side) or port them into pre-cut grooves in the handrail and also base rail. It is often likewise possible to affix the panels to the handrail only, without utilizing a base rail, to ensure that the glass is put on hold simply above the actions. From an aesthetic point of view, suitable the panels straight right into the wooden banisters leads to a cleaner rundown, yet some individuals prefer the contemporary look of glossy metal clamps, or braces. These are most often discovered in a chrome or combed nickel coating. You could additionally make use of stainless steel discs if you’re after a particularly striking design.

Which handrail?

Wood hand rails are the most preferred, and the most comfy to make use of. A reduced account (small as well as slim) design will certainly generate one of the most structured, modern-day result, whereas a chunkier layout may be preferable for duration residential or commercial properties. Steel handrails match glass for a modern look, and also can be connected using brackets or grooves.

Exactly what regarding various other glass stairway parts?

Treads as well as risers are both readily available in glass. Footsteps can be made in a range of densities, generally in between 20mm and 40mm. The glass must be strengthened and also laminated for extra stamina, and consist of a non-slip coating. Glass risers are growing in appeal too. They could be fitted to the back of polished treads or, much more uncommonly, to wooden ones. This is guaranteed to generate the wow aspect, allowing light sparkle with the actions while keeping the safety advantages of a shut walk staircase.


When it concerns creating a light and also ventilated feeling in your house, glass staircases are suitable – and the panels are available in such a wide array of shapes and sizes that there’s a great chance of discovering something to fit your particular conditions. Simply keep a fabric handy after installment, as smudges and also fingerprints might spoil the impact of your stunning brand-new stairs.

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