3+ Tips How to Install Wall Tiles for Your Bathroom

Mom's Dream / Saturday, January 20th, 2018

How to Install Wall Tiles – Setting up wall ceramic tile is not that tough if you know the fundamentals regarding it. Before starting, you will should have a clean surface, floor tiles, glue as well as tools making the installation procedure quicker. Wall floor tiles can be installed practically all over, but normally consumers choose to mount them in bathroom and kitchens. So, allow’s go step by step to illustrate ways to discover the best ways to mount wall surface tile.

Preparing the Surface

Wall surface tiles can be installed over drywall, plaster or cement backer boards. See to it that the surface is clean, does not have debris and it is a smooth leveled surface area before starting. If you are dealing with an area that has been in contact with water, you will certainly intend to see to it that the drywall, if that’s the casa, could stand up to the tile weight. If a location needs to be fixed, our recommendation is to install cement backer board. If you are mosting likely to set up wall surface floor tile over a repainted surface, it is recommended to sand the surface prior to installation.

The Design

Begin by locating the center of the wall and use a level to develop intersecting vertical and also straight lines. Readjust the lines relying on exactly how both ends of the wall surface will certainly resemble as soon as you have your floor tiles set up. Remember to include grout lines size when you are developing the layout.

Establishing Adhesive

Spread adhesive with the notched trowel and spread it uniformly utilizing the straight edge of the trowel.

Do not cover design lines as you could require them later on to install your wall floor tiles. You can make use of pre-mixed adhesive for your wall surface tile. Make certain to check that the adhesive could be used at the desired area where you are doing the installment. Some adhesives will certainly not work on high-moisture locations. Hold the trowel at concerning 45 levels so the adhesive has an uniform height.

Putting Up Wall Shingles

Don’t start mounting wall floor tiles by resting it versus the bathtub or shower if you are doing a shower room wall surface tile setup. Place a level board against the surface area and start mounting floor tile on the board. The ceramic tiles shall be press firmly into the adhesive twisting them to install them right into the adhesive. Do not slide the floor tiles into setting. As soon as you have your initial row set up, get rid of the level board. Leave 1/8 precede in between the bathtub as well as the floor tile to allow installment of caulk. When mounting wall ceramic tile, make certain to examine that the adhesive is not squeezing out the sides. If the adhesive is ejecting, then you have actually applied too much adhesive. Periodically you wish to examine that the installment is straight and degree.

Reducing Floor tiles

Throughout the wall surface setup process, you will certainly should cut some ceramic tiles so they can fit effectively. As soon as you have all neighboring ceramic tiles, mark how much you should reduce. You could cut straight lines with a ceramic tile cutter or use tile nippers. If you are intending to utilize ceramic tile nippers to cut wall tiles, expect to have rough sides. Normally pipes fixtures include escutcheons to cover those irregular surfaces. Smooth the edge with 80 grit sandpaper, when the wall floor tile will certainly be used as a row end and also will be openly revealed.


You might be able to grout the wall floor tiles when all tiles have been mounted and also the adhesive has actually set up. Pick whether you are making use of sanded or unsanded grout. When the joints are larger than 1/8″ make use of sanded grout. Get rid of all spacers, as well as cement all tiles. Make use of a rubber float and use the cement at a 45-degree angle. Press strongly to obtain all grout into the joint rooms. Wipe off any excess grout with a wet sponge as well as clear water. Buff away any grout haze using a soft towel. Use caulk when required to complete any type of space or joint room that is found versus various other surface areas.

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