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7 Creative Bathroom Shower Ideas (Highly Inspiring and Unique)

7 Creative Bathroom Shower Ideas (Highly Inspiring and Unique)

Apart from the style and size of your house, the bathroom is an inseparable part of a house design ideas. That’s why you need some bathroom shower ideas to help in designing your dream bathroom.

From the modern to classic ones, from the basic ones to the designs you have never imagined – see for yourself. Whether your bathroom is spacious or a small one, there are lots of designs to choose from.

Stone Flooring and Full Lighting

Bathroom Shower Ideas

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, one of the first small bathroom ideas you should consider is covering the floor with stones. Choosing natural rough-textured stones will reduce the dullness that might be a common problem in small bathrooms.

Moreover, focus of the lighting of bathroom by covering it entirely in brown-colored marble. To complement this color scheme, it is recommended to use light colored features. To enhance the atmosphere, use a small warm lamp inside the bathroom.

Turn Your Bathroom into an Auditorium

This is not a conventional idea, but you can turn a bathroom into an auditorium if it’s not located where many people pass by (e.g. on the second story of a building). By using glass to build the walls of a bathroom, you can get a sight of the life happening around you.

Natural Stones Combination

Bathroom Shower

A perfect example of bathroom shower ideas is the combination of gypsum and grey-colored marble. This color scheme creates an elegant and luxurious atmosphere inside the room. Some features that are recommended to be included are:

  • Porcelain furniture
  • Warm-colored decorations
  • Subtle lighting

Making a Cavity on the Wall

If using metal or plastic hangers is not really your thing, consider making a cavity on bathroom’s wall to store things. Besides adding the aesthetic values, it is also a very useful decoration.

Add a small lamp inside it to make this storage even prettier. This way, you won’t need to add more decorations.

Covering the Wall with Ceramic

Using various colors of large ceramic plates to cover the bathroom’s wall will cover it in a very unconventional and beautiful way. This is a very simple design, but it is magnificent at the same time.

Dance Floor Design

Just by decorating the walls of a bathroom with shiny tiles, you will feel like you’re on a dance floor every time you take a bath. Together with the water flowing from the shower, the reflective property of the tiles chosen will reflect lights and create a unique illumination.

Stone and Colorful Walls

Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Choosing brown-colored and natural stones as a material to cover the walls will create a very personalized and unique bathroom. The right choice of stones will make you feel like you’re showering within a tropical rainforest.

In addition, choosing the right one of bathroom shower ideas could be tough if there is not much room to decorate. However, one thing that always works is choosing bright and captivating colors to decorate your bathroom. This way, the lack of space will no longer be a problem.

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