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5 Best Gaming Desk | Best Desk for Gaming!

5 Best Gaming Desk | Best Desk for Gaming!

Top five gaming / editing productivity desk that you can currently buy.

IKEA Linmon / Oddball Desk

59 entry desk that is currently going for $179. There are two color options there’s white and black and there’s black on black. This is a really nice simple style desk has a length of 59 inches a width of 29 and a half inches and a height of 29 and 1/8 inches. It weighs about 38 pounds this is a really nice clean minimalistic desk that goes with any setup

Amero wood home dakota l-shaped

Desk with bookshelves this is currently run for $65. This is the desk I currently have right now and it gets the job done but I am planning on upgrading but yeah this comes in a couple different colors. The color you see right here is the expresso. They have black ebony ash and they also have white when I go with the color you like the price may fluctuate. This desk features a large top surface with extra size storage and a grommet holes to keep your cords tangle free. This large l-shaped desk is constructed out of particle board and MDF for reliable build really quick here the dimensions. It has a height of 28 by 31 inches a width of 51 by 31 inches in a length of 53 point six to three inches. It weighs about 79 pounds and it wasn’t that hard to assemble it’s pretty easy pretty simple and it gets the job done.

IKEA Alex computer desk with drawers

This desk is coming on for two hundred and fifty six dollars. It features built-in cable management for collecting cables and cords out of sight book close at hand and also features the drawer stop that prevents the drawers from being pulled out to four the dimensions of this desk are 55.2 by 28.5 by four inches and it weighs about 83 pounds. This is a really nice clean minimalistic desk that’s suitable for one monitor setups or sometimes even two or even just one all tried monitor you know. It could get the job done or done go overboard with a PC on the side but three monitors is suitable unless you put the PC on the bottom of the desk.

Ikea be Kent desk with the birch veneer black

This is coming on for three hundred and fifty dollars. This desk is height adjustable which means you can mount the tabletop at a height that suits you. Since the legs are adjustable between 25 and 5/8 inches. Sll the way up to thirty three and a half inches. It’s very easy to keep the desk neat and tidy with the cable management net under the tabletop. Which means you don’t have to go and buy the IKEA signal. It already comes with cable management holes and everything like that just to keep the cables nice and clean. This is a really nice desk for triple monitor setups or even to
ultra wide I mean it gets the job done for productivity and gaming. They have a bunch of different colors you can pick from but the price may fluctuate.

Apex desk

This is the elite series 71 electric height adjustable standing desk that is currently going for six hundred dollars. This desk like¬†R2S Gaming Desk. There is a bunch of different colors you can pick from but yeah this is a high adjustable desk which means what just I push a button you’ll be able to raise the desk or even lower it depending on how high you want the desk or how low you want it. It goes from 29 inches to 48 inches at one point three inches per second. It has enhanced ability with one piece thick steel beam and it has dual motors with 235 pounds of a and tuba and controller is very easy to assemble. It takes about less than 30 minutes to assemble. This is a really nice productivity in gaming desk because if you gamer use the computer for business and stuff like that and you’re on the computer a lot and using the desk up then instead of sitting you can stand up it’s actually good for your health and stuff like that. It is expensive for some people but you know it’s designed for people that do mostly productivity and some people get for gaming and stuff like that.

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