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How to Create Vintage T-Shirts and Some Point to Help You

How to Create Vintage T-Shirts and Some Point to Help You

There are many kinds of t-shirts design. In case you like vintage designs, you can apply the design on t-shirt. It will not be difficult since you will know how to create vintage T-shirts.

It is true that there are many stores selling t-shirts with various designs. However, sometimes it is hard find design that you like. That is why it is better to design your own t-shirt.

Of course, it does not mean you have to make all things by yourself. You only need to make the design, and then find printing house or convection to print it on fabric. These are some important points to know when you want to make the vintage design.

Color Options

Image Source: forestlakechrysler.com

When you want to make designs, it is necessary to find the suitable colors. Well, colors play important roles in bringing the mood and tone of design. In this case, different theme can have different colors. Related to the vintage design, you will need the correct palette.

Usually, vintage palette uses the pale tones. They are used to make combinations in order to create rich colors. As we know, the vintage t-shirt is rich of colors.

Style of T-shirt

The second point to see is about the style of t-shirt. It will be important to choose the correct style since it will become dominant part of the vintage t-shirt. Usually, round-necks are the style to choose teespro.id.

The necks commonly have different colors from the main ones on fabric. Therefore, the t-shirts have at least two color combinations. These are important in the points of how to create vintage T-shirts.

Washed and Worn Look

Since it is vintage design, of course it will not look like new clothes. Even, the outfits are made, so it seems that they are washed and worn. Actually, you can find the special fabrics to create the look.

The look is not only found in fabric or t-shirt. These can also be applied in design. Although pale colors are enough, you can request the designers later to create the washed look.

The Designs

Usually, the designs are quite simple. You can have combinations of fonts. Some designers already have specific fonts to bring the vintage look. You can also find the fonts in case you want to make the design by yourself.

In case of pictures, the designs can be image of posters or pictures of certain bands or popular figures. Simple panoramic views can also be made into designs, such as the pictures of ocean waves, scenery of fountain, and other old-school design.

Look for Reference

It is important to find some references. You may not need to some references if you already have some examples of vintage outfits from your relatives or family.

You will not find difficulties in finding the references. There is search engine to help you and you will get what you need quickly. Once you get the reference, you only need to use your creativity to make the design.

It will not be too difficult to make your own design. For vintage concept, those steps can help you in creating the design. Surely, knowing these points of how to create vintage T-shirts can be so helpful.

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