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Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, ISIL Leader and Chaos in Middle East

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, ISIL Leader and Chaos in Middle East

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is known as leader of Global terrorist organization. He was self-proclaimed Caliph. United Nations, USA, European Union, and other countries stated him as terrorist.

He became prominent individual because ISIL or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. During chaos in Iraq and Syria, he took chance to form new terrorist group then expanded them. US Government promise reward for anyone who knows about him.

Early life and Education

Image Source: republika.co.id

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi claimed as descendant from Quraysh tribe. He is expected to be born in Samarra, 1971. He was part of tribe with strict religious rule. His father taught Quran alongside his brother.

His education background was revealed. He attended Samarra High school in 1991. After school, he wanted to join military but rejected because of sign issue. He started career as cleric in local mosque.

He did not have enough score to enter University of Baghdad. However, he learns Islam to be cleric in Islamic University of Baghdad. Today, that school is Iraqi University. In the college, he studies many areas and filed related to Islam.

Islamic Cleric and Early Revolution

He served in Sharia Committee as a leader and helped militant group. He was not only mosque cleric, but also Islamic revolutionary in Saddam Hussein reign. This was the first time he started involved in revolutionary group.

In 4 February 2004, US Force arrested him because his name was in wanted list. He was detained at Camp Bucca and Abu Ghraib. The location was considered as the top security and protection level. During detention, he met several people whom known as leaders of ISIL.

Al-Qaeda had branch in Iraq. The leader was dead, and he was the new leader. He had responsibility to organize and arrange terrorist attacks, such as suicide bombing and killing.

Leader of ISIL

Syria was in transition between old and new government. However, the situation was very severe due to civil war between government and opposition.

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadim took this opportunity to expand his terrorist organization. He stated that jihadist faction from Syrian was the extension of ISI. This merger created ISIL.

He declared as Caliph on 29 June 2014. He announced worldwide caliphate to other Islamic countries. He did some terrors acts and forced sharia law extremely without compromise.

Global Terrorist

He was the main target for every program or action to exterminate terrorist group. He was responsible to many attacks outside Syria and Iraq, such as the hostage, bombing, and brutal murder

He was suspected to hide in ISIL capital in Hajin. US Government tried to find him, including offering the promising reward. He involved in several attacks and wounded that made him suspected death.

Personal Life

He has three wives and several children. They are suspected to be Iraqi citizen. One of them is Saja, the first wife with more control.

Besides, he was married before active in detention and terrorist group. His wife and sons were in Iraq. His son was 11 years old in 2014. Moreover, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadim has few extended families.



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