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Gordon Brown and His Great Journey in Life

Gordon Brown and His Great Journey in Life

Gordon Brown is known as one of the popular prime ministers in United Kingdom. There is also Tony Blair who became the prime minister before him.

There are long steps before Brown able to succeed the leadership of Blair. Of course, these steps are interesting points to see and there can be many things to learn from him.

Brown Early Life

Image Source: independent.co.uk

Gordon Brown is a Scottish. He was born on February 20 1951 in Glasgow. His father was John Brown and he worked as the minister serving the Church of Scotland.

In his early life, Brown is known as smart person. That was why he could obtain scholarship in University of Edinburg. The life in university also became important steps of his career as politician.

In University of Edinburg, he took the study of politics. Even, he also ever got position as chairperson of the Labour Club in the campus.

Early Career

Because of his intelligence, Brown served and worked as lecturer in University of Edinburg. After some years, he moved to teach in Glasgow College of Technology.

He did not teach for long time. He decided to become journalist and it was big shift in his life. He worked for Scottish TV.

However, it did not mean that he left the academic life. He also decided to continue his study and obtained doctorate title in history.

Early Political Career

He started to step on politics when he maintained relationship with Tony Blair. It happened when he was appointed as the Member of Parliament for Dunfermline East.

Blair was the important figure in Labour Party and Brown followed the same path as him. His career in politics started to develop rapidly when he was appointed as the Labour Party parliament leader in 1994.

In 1997, Labour Party won the election and Blair became the prime minister. Brown is appointed as the chancellor of Exchequer to manage the policies in economy.

Career as Prime Minister

Gordon Brown became the prime minister in 2007 replacing Tony Blair. Brown did not face too much problems in the election since Blair supported him.

Even in the early works in ministry, he did not get too much burden since Blair already managed most of the administration. These made Brown have easier jobs.

However, United Kingdom and Europe faced financial crisis. It happened on 2008. The crisis became worse and it weakened his position. In the end, Labour Party lost in the election held in 2010.

Personal Life

In term of personal life, John has a great family. He married in 2000. Sarah Macaulay becomes his wife and they had three children. However, his first child died due to disease.

As a scholars, Brown wrote many works and these were published. There were Biography and some works on economy since Brown had concern in this field.

In biography, he wrote about Maxton who became the topic of his thesis. Maxton was also leader of Independent Labour Party. The latest published work is Beyond the Crash; Overcoming First Crisis of Globalization. Gordon Brown wrote and published in 2010.





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