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Alternative Energy Sources You Need to Know!

Alternative Energy Sources You Need to Know!

Alternative Energy Sources – Did you know about alternative energy, alternative energy is the type of energy used to use energy derived from petroleum.

This alternative energy comes from nature and has many benefits for humans.

There are several examples of alternative energy including energy from the sun, wind, water, and also geothermal energy.

Along with the development of human knowledge about alternative energy sources, more and more types of alternative sources are available in nature.

All types of alternative energy have their own benefits for humans.

Even every human and living creature needs that energy to replace other energy sources that are starting to run out.

The types of alternative energy will not run out, even if used continuously by humans or other living things.

This is the greatness of God, which has created a lot of alternative energy for the needs and survival of every human being.

These energy sources are also available in nature, and we can use them at any time.

The following is a brief explanation of alternative energy sources.

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Alternative Sun Energy Sources

Source: alterbativeenergysources.co.id

The sun is the main energy source for humans on planet Earth, the energy produced by the sun is in the form of light and also heat.

Sun’s heat is what is needed by humans, and for thousands of years humans have used energy from sunlight.

because solar energy has many benefits for humans and creatures on earth.

Energy from the sun can be used directly by humans, for example to dry clothes to dry quickly.

Making salt and for human health too, there are still many other benefits from this solar energy.

sunlight has concentrated on the temperature collector, somewhere to get high temperatures.

Even this solar energy can also be converted into electrical energy, electricity produced by changing solar energy has used solar cells consisting of several series of semiconductor elemental panels.

An example is the thin layer of silicon.

Source Of Earth Alternative Earth

Source: alterbativeenergysources.com

Geothermal energy is a type of energy originating from within the earth, the geothermal heat usually appears on the surface of the earth caused by volcanic activity or volcanoes.

There are 3 main sources of geothermal heat, namely natural steam, hot water and dry and hot rocks.

The hot water has been widely used for all activities related to heating.

But its own use for power generation is still a research.

Whereas hot dry rock is the largest source of heat provided by nature, it is still a research as well as how it is used properly.

Alternative Wind Energy Sources

Source: energysources.com

The next alternative energy source is wind, wind energy is an energy that comes from wind gusts.

There are several countries that are now starting to look at the utilization of wind energy, which will be used as an energy source.

One example is the windmill in the Netherlands which is used to pump water for irrigation.

Windmills in the Netherlands have a very large and heavy size, so the rotation seems slow.

Even though the large and heavy propellers are capable of producing a large amount of power.

Wind energy can also be used to produce electricity using windmills, which are connected using a generator to produce electricity.

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