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Explanation of the Greenhouse Effect

Explanation of the Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Effect – A greenhouse is a building in the form of a house whose entire building consists of glass.

Both on the wall, roof, walls and so on.

Greenhouses will usually be used to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and so on.

Usually this greenhouse is owned by farmers who are in 4 seasons.

The following is a complete explanation of the greenhouse effect.

Starting from Understanding the greenhouse effect, the process of the greenhouse effect, the cause of the greenhouse effect, due to the greenhouse effect, substances that can cause greenhouse effects, examples of greenhouse effects, etc.

Understanding Green House Effects

Source: greenhouseeffect.co.id

The greenhouse effect is a term used to describe the earth, such as having a greenhouse effect where the sun’s heat will be trapped by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Normally this way the sun in the daylight shines on the earth and will make the earth warmer, but the surface of the earth at night becomes colder.

But as a result of this greenhouse effect, some of the heat that should be reflected by the surface of the earth will be trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

that is why the earth has become warmer for years to come.

For those of you who go to junior high school, you must have been taught about the greenhouse effect.

In general, the understanding of the greenhouse effect is the increase in the earth’s temperature caused by changes in composition, which is present in the atmosphere.

That causes sunlight to remain on the earth, and unfortunately it is not perfectly reflected to get out of the atmosphere.

If interpreted according to the process and the consequences of the greenhouse effect, a natural phenomenon occurs because of the reflection of sunlight that has passed through the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is also caused by substances that exist on the surface of the earth, but the severity of this phenomenon can cause damage to the atmosphere.

Process Of Green House Effects

Source: greenhouseeffect.com

Then what about the occurrence of this greenhouse effect, the greenhouse effect is based on sunlight that has been reflected by various kinds of objects on earth.

This reflected sunlight can damage the ozone layer.

With the main function is to inhibit sunlight in the atmosphere.

If the ozone layer in the Earth’s atmosphere decreases, the temperature of the earth will rise continuously.

If the temperature on earth rises, the earth will turn cold.

This condition will get worse, because carbon dioxide is on earth.

Because it can resist the reflection of sunlight so that the temperature on earth will also increase.

The process of the greenhouse effect starts from the sun which will emit its light in the form of ultraviolet radiation to the earth, which will be received by the earth and then reflected back in the form of infrared radiation.

Sunlight will enter the earth as heat, then then some of the light will be reflected into the sky by the surface of the earth.

Cause Of Greenhouse Effects

Source: greenhouse.com

Causes of the Greenhouse Effect

Causes of the Greenhouse Effect

The things that cause the greenhouse effect are greenhouse gases, which include the following:

Water vapor
Carbon dioxide
Nitrus Oxide

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