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Resignation Letter Due to Conflict with Boss

Resignation Letter Due to Conflict with Boss

Having a comfortable workplace is a dream of any employee, including you.

Nevertheless, not all of you are bestowed with such nice and supportive employer and friendly circumstance.

At the time you have to leave the job due to bad boss, then you need to write resignation letter due to conflict with boss.

No matter how, one thing that you should not forget whenever writing the letter is to behave.

You might really hate your boss or do not like how the employer treats you.

Sometimes, you feel like there is an impulse to slap right on his face and say any bad words that you know.

But wait. Things will not get better when you do that.

You need to act professional and leave the job with gracefully and with dignity.

That is why you need to keep your resignation letter cool.

How to Keep Your Resignation Letter Due to Conflict with Boss Chill

Your heated resignation is temporary, but your bad act will be permanently attached on people’s mind.

It is not a wise decision to let your rage blow up, no matter how much your hatred is.

If you are on this position, it is essential to write a chill resignation letter despite of the fact that you want to leave the job very soon.

Here are things to keep in mind when writing resignation letter due to conflict:

1. Stay professional

You are in a professional circumstance and you have to act that way.

There is no reason to bring your personal problem into this area.

When writing resignation letter due to conflict with boss, make sure the letter is professional.

Consider the format and standard elements that a typical resignation letter should have such as introduction, intention, and closing.

2. Stay gracious and polite

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Even though you have many bad words to say to your boss, keep it for yourself.

Do not write any of it into your resignation letter, unless you want be marked as an uncivilized person.

While making the letter, pretend as if you do not have any problem.

It is not easy, but you can use many resignation samples  (surat pengunduran diri in Indonesia) out there.

Most of them use polite language that you can copy.

3. Use other reason rather than conflict

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Though this is a resignation letter caused by conflict, it does not mean you can write the reason evidently.

Instead of mentioning personal conflict with the boss, you might choose any other reason such as you are incapable of adapting with working circumstances or any other reason that does not go directly to the personal conflict.

Still cannot think clearly because of your hatred and uncontrolled emotion?

Cool down, there are many other samples that you can find on the internet.

Simply choose one that suits you best, make a little improvement and edit some information then your resignation will be ready to send.

That is all you need to do.

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