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5 Animals You Can Find When Climbing a Mountain, Adorable!

5 Animals You Can Find When Climbing a Mountain, Adorable!

Mountain climbing is now a hobby that is loved by most young people. No wonder, the beautiful natural panorama of heights always managed to anesthetize anyone. Climbing the mountain seems to be a way to run away from the reality in the city where we live.

As a country that has a total of 877 mountains, Indonesia will certainly be a comfortable habitat for animals to live in. So, what animals can you meet when climbing a mountain? Curious?

1. Merak

Green peacock (pavo muticus) is an endemic bird typical of the island of Java which begins rarely found in the wild. Even so, when you climb Mount Argopuro in East Java, you can have the chance to meet a green peacock!

This bird is often found in Cikasur, one of the posts on the mountain that has an altitude of 3,088 masl. However, because it is classified as a wild animal, this peacock is quite sensitive to human existence. So, don’t get too close and don’t bother them, huh!

2. Javanese eagle

This animal with the Latin name Nisaetus bartelsi is also an endemic bird native to Java. Birds with a body size of 60-70 cm with a wingspan of 110-130 cm are often found flying around the slopes of Mount Merapi, Central Java.

Even though it is rarely found, if you are lucky, you can meet this bird that is the PSS Sleman mascot. Its existence is increasingly scarce and is continuously monitored by a team of Controllers of the Mount Merapi National Park Forest Ecosystem (TNGM).

3. Leopards

Who says that leopards don’t exist in their natural habitat? In fact, they are still living in the wild, even though the number has dropped dramatically. Like the Java leopard (Panthera pardus melas) which can be found in the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park area.

The opportunity to meet these leopards is arguably very rare, because they generally roam when night falls. Sadly, there are only 25 leopards left in Gede Pangrango National Park! This was stated by the Head of Planning and Preservation Protection of the Great Hall of Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, Aden Mahyar, on May 17, 2018. Sad!

4. Wild boar

This one animal is found on many mountains in Indonesia. Starting from Sindoro Mountain, Mount Slamet, Mount Papandayan, and so forth. Even so, these animals with the Latin name Sus Scrofa are often considered bullies, because they often damage tents and steal the climbers’ food.

To avoid attacks by wild boar, there are some tips you can do. Among other things, do not set up tents near the garbage, always clean the cooking utensils and maintain cleanliness around the tent. Undoubtedly, they won’t bother you.

5. Eagle bido

In addition to the Javanese eagle, researchers in the Mount Merapi National Park (TNGM) in Central Java found other eagle species. One of them is Elang Bido. Apart from Indonesia, this eagle population is also widespread in other countries, such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Other eagles that have natural habitats on Mount Merapi are black eagles, brontok hawks and honey-capped eagles.

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