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Unexpectedly, These 7 Animals Have Many Similarities to Humans!

Unexpectedly, These 7 Animals Have Many Similarities to Humans!

We may assume that humans and animals are two different beings. With his intelligence, humans managed to build a sophisticated and advanced civilization like now. Meanwhile, animals rely more on their instincts and instincts for life.

However, research shows that humans share the same DNA with animals. In fact, there are some animals that have similarities to DNA with humans up to 90 percent! What are these animals? Let’s find out!

1. Chimpanzees

Animals from Central Africa that have the Latin name Pan troglodytes is considered a species that has the highest resemblance to humans. Imagine, chimpanzees share the same DNA up to 98 percent! In fact, chimpanzee DNA is closer to humans than gorillas, you know!

Similarity does not stop there. Female chimpanzees have the same reproductive cycle as humans, according to The Dodo page. Chimpanzee’s gestation is 8 months, almost close to humans who have 9 months 10 days gestation, huh!

2. Bonobos

At first glance, chimpanzees and bonobos are similar, huh? In fact, both are two different species. Even so, the chimpanzee and bonobos DNA has a similarity of around 99.6 percent, which means making bonobos DNA also has closeness to humans!

Apart from almost 99 percent similarity, there are similarities between the human and bonobos muscle systems. It is estimated that the ancestors of humans and bonobos were separated about 8 million years ago, according to the Daily Mail website.

3. Gorila

Not only are medium-sized primate species like chimpanzees and bonobos, gorillas also share the same DNA as humans, you know! Noted, gorilla DNA has a similarity of up to 98 percent, according to The Dodo page.

Researchers assume that the ancestors of humans and gorillas separated about 10 million years ago. FYI, humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, while gorillas have 24 pairs. Almost similar, huh?

4. Orangutan

Berada di urutan keempat, DNA orangutan dan manusia memiliki kemiripan sekitar 97 persen. Menurut laman National Institute of Health, kemungkinan leluhur manusia dan orangutan terpisah sejak 15 juta tahun yang lalu.

Tak hanya dari segi DNA, orangutan juga memiliki tingkah laku yang mirip manusia, seperti mengusapkan daun ke wajah (seperti manusia memakai tisu), memakai ranting untuk mengusir lebah dan tawon, serta memakai daun yang cekung untuk mengambil air, ungkap Whit Gibson, peneliti dari University of Georgia.

5. Gibbon

Getting down, the resemblance of DNA to humans is getting smaller. Similarly, gibbon, a small ape that has these long arms.

These animals are known to like swinging on branches of trees and able to form 26 different sounds. It is estimated, the ancestors of humans and gibbons separated since 16.8 million years ago.

6. Monkey

Still from primate circles, now it’s the turn of monkeys that have DNA similarities with humans. According to The Dodo page, several aspects of the brain that control human thinking are similar to monkeys. That is why, monkeys are rarely used as animals for human trials, because of the similarity of the DNA.

7. Pig

You might be shocked, but the fact is that humans and pigs have some similarities. According to the Australian Academy of Science website, this is marked by the similar distribution of fat in the body, the presence of hair on the surface of the skin and digestive system.

It was also stated that the ancestors of humans and pigs have been separated since 80 million years ago. Not only monkeys, pigs are also often used as test animals because of the similarity of their organs to humans.

Well, that’s 7 unexpected animals that have close DNA with humans. Which one makes you most surprised?

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