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Babies Also Need Sports, These 4 Exercises That Can Be Practiced at Home

Babies Also Need Sports, These 4 Exercises That Can Be Practiced at Home

Sport becomes a part of healthy living. Not only adults, physical activity also needs to be done by babies. In addition to teaching your child to get used to exercising early, exercise can sharpen the ability of the brain and muscles of children. So, what are the exercises that are suitable for babies?

Exercise that is suitable for babies. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic states that physical activity is important for babies. Various movements can encourage the baby to roll, crawl, walk, and improve brain function in regulating muscle movements.

Not only that, this activity can also strengthen bonds between infants and parents. Even though you haven’t been able to practice the various movements yourself, you can guide them. There are several sports movements that are suitable for babies, including:

1. Tummy time

Babies spend most of their time lying down. That means, there is a lot of pressure applied to the spine. Now, by teaching this exercise to babies, the muscles around the neck, arms, shoulders, and abdomen will become more active and stronger. You can start this exercise by placing the baby on the floor in the prone position. Leave the baby in that position for three to five minutes.

Take advantage of this time to play, chat, sing, and invite your child to play. He will try to move his head, kick his legs, or extend his hand. At first, the baby may be fussy. However, after several times he will get used. Do this exercise gradually until the total time is 20 minutes per day.

2. Happy baby and bicycling

The next exercise for babies is a happy time pose. In fact, this movement is often done by infants, namely the baby lifts his feet into the air and tries to touch him while asleep.

Try to lay the baby on the floor in the supine position. Lift his legs up and shake. Direct the baby’s hand to touch his feet. Allow the child to do this pose by itself.

Furthermore, exercise training for babies is followed by cycling. This movement is quite easy, you only need to move the baby’s legs rotate, like he was pedaling a bicycle. Repeat this movement three to five times, then let the baby rest.

Both of these movements are very good for exercising the strength of the baby’s hip muscles. In addition, it can increase the flexibility of the feet and hands and support good bowel movements for digestion.

3. Catch the toy

After birth the baby can not directly hold something with a cunning. He needs to practice several times to develop motor skills. To help the baby, you can guide him to do catch the toy exercise.

It’s easy, put the baby on a chair. Then, lure the baby with a bright and interesting toy. You can point the toy up, down, left, or right. He will try to direct the hands, eyes, and part of his body to reach the toy.

Next, bring this toy to the baby. Let him touch it and then release the toy completely in the baby’s hand. Babies will learn to hold the burden of toys over time.

4. Bounce baby

In addition to hip muscles, the baby must also increase leg muscle strength. You can help your baby’s legs get stronger to walk, do sports exercises with bouncy baby movements.

You simply guide the baby to stand on your thighs. Hold the armpits tightly and direct the baby to bounce his legs over your thighs. Try to do this while singing a song and moving your head.

The baby will move its feet by itself. Slowly move your grip on the baby’s wrist. Remember this movement should only be done on babies who can already face down, sit down, and stand up. be careful and keep tabbayun

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